I must admit to being fond of the phrase ‘High Jingo’. For me, it conjures up images of significant discussions, high level agreements, a slight ‘voodoo’ connotation and of back-room deals. All part of politics and big business. Of course nothing to do with the disciplined, structured, process-oriented professionalism of IT delivery!

Be warned, the apparently quoted definition in our title tag phrase is totally made up by me, and won’t be found in any commercial dictionary! Sorry.

The author, Michael Connelly has many references to ‘high jingo’ in his LA-based detective novels. If you are so inclined, ‘The Closer’ is worth a read.

On the music front, Lee Konitz, Art Pepper and members of the West Coast Friends recorded the album ‘High Jingo’ in January 1982. I will try to get a sample of the title track added to this site. Just for interests sake.

I would be delighted to hear of any other references to ‘high jingo’ that you may come across.